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WASH & DRY 24/7

WASH & DRY 24/7

Wash & Dry 24/7

We are located in Heraklion, Crete and in our area will find self service washers and dryers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

With our services we provide a solution to the long hours inconvenience for washing and drying clothes, as well as our professional machines make the process a breeze!

You can wash and dry clothes, quilts and blankets in less than 1 hour!

In our space you will find detergent and emollient, free of charge wi-fi but also vending machine for a more pleasant wait.


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Self Service in our city

Πλύσιμο σε 35'

Wash in 35'

You can wash your clothes in 35 'without having to wait for the wash to end ...
Πλύσιμο σε 35'

Quick drying

The dryers, with a capacity of 17kg, dry your clothes in just 20 ', maintaining their softness and freshness.
Πλύσιμο σε 35'

Bonus Card

The Prepaid-Bonus rechargeable card makes washing clothes easier than ever. Wash & Dry 24/7 provides it for free!
Πλύσιμο σε 35'

Open 24/7

You can wash and dry your clothes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as we never close!
Πλύσιμο σε 35'

Free wifi

Free fast internet access is available on site to make your time more enjoyable.
Πλύσιμο σε 35'

Easy instructions

In our space you will find detergent and fabric softener as well as detailed instructions for the use of the machines and the correct washing temperature.

What Our Clients Say

Very good service, perfectly working machines and easy to use. Most importantly, always open! I could laundry my clothes after a wet hike on January the 1st :)

Massimo Rosa Facebook

This place is quite literally the only place in town for 24/7 do-it-yourself laundry. Bus stops right outside. Coffee bar two doors down. Cold wash in a large (read standard American size) washer is 5€. Price depends on size of washer and temp of water. The dryer is another couple € depending on time. The system is interesting. Windows touch screen, Greek, English, Italian, German and some others. Laundry detergent available for purchase. The machines are new and my wife says "it feels safe". The owner was extremely helpful, friendly atmosphere. If you're a smart traveler, packing light and planning for a couple hours to wash, make sure you have this place on your list for Herakleion.

Thomas Schubert Google reviews
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